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The Ideal Feminine Care places equal effort and importance on the 3 Natural Balances of Feminine Health.


  • Good Micro-Flora Balance
  • Clean-Comfort Balance
  • Healthy pH Balance at 3.8 – 4.2

Most conventional Feminine Care products only try to maintain cleanliness and existing pH of the V-Area and cannot really improve pH and micro-flora balance to the healthy level.


Why V-Mina?

Why is V-Mina Beneficially Different from Other Conventional Feminine Care Products?



Other Conventional Feminine Care Products:

  • Cleansing with harsh surfactants SLES/SLS/ALS:
    • V-Area is more delicate compared to other parts of the body. It does not need harsh cleansing agents like SLES/SLS/ALS which are commonly used as the active ingredients in most body cleansers.
    • SLES/SLS/ALS strip away the epidermis protective layer of the V-Area, which may affect its long term pH level and micro-flora balancing mechanism because that protective layer is the place where good micro-flora exist.
    • SLES/SLS/ALS do not eliminate germs.
  • Not clinically proven to improve Good Micro-Flora Balance.
  • Only try to maintain the existing pH of the V-Area, not improving it to the ideal pH 3.8 – 4.2.


Works effectively and more naturally without parabens and harsh surfactants (ie. SLES/SLS/ALS).

With Lactobacillus Probiotics Benefit from YoghurtExtract++™. Improves Beneficial Micro-Flora Balance & naturally eliminates bad micro-organisms. Clinically Proven.

Clinically Proven to improve the V-Area pH to the ideal 3.8-4.2 range.


V-Mina is a more natural and more advanced Feminine Care product.
With its YoghurtExtract++TM, V-Mina is the First Probiotic Feminine Care Product in Singapore Clinically Proven for the Probiotic natural benefits.

V-Mina meets the needs that can not be fulfilled by other non-probiotic or regular/conventional feminine care products.

Prone to Infection

V-Mina is not only suitable for healthy individuals who appreciate a delicate care of their long-term well-being but also most beneficial to those who are:

1. Prone to infection (despite having done their regular cleansing), and those with more active lifestyle who feel the need for better protection.

2. In important circumstances or stages in life when the balanced state of beneficial micro-flora is needed most:


Our Clinically Tested Benefits

The natural benefits of V-Mina are supported and proven by clinical tests done by an independent research institution.

1. Improving Beneficial Micro-Flora Balance.
– V-Mina naturally eliminates harmful micro-organisms.

2. Non-Irritancy, safe for daily use.
– V-Mina passed the sensitivity test. No irritation/stinging sensation. It is safe for daily use.

3. Improving V-Area to the healthy and ideal pH range 3.8-4.2.

Our Clinically Tested Benefits

    Cleansing Mousse with YoghurtExtract++™ Probiotic Benefit

    ⊛ Soft, non-soap, non-irritant
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve good micro-flora balance
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve the pH to the ideal range
    ⊛ Efficient mousse application – provides up to 220 applications

    Enriched with:
    Tea Tree Extract for natural disinfectant benefit.
    Aloe Vera helps soften and hydrate the V-Area.
    Suitable for daily regular use.
    Clinically Tested Benefits.
    Netto: 100ml. (Provides up to 220 applications).
    Made in Taiwan
    In accordance with International GMP Standard


    Refreshing/Cleansing Wipes with YoghurtExtract++™ Probiotic Benefit

    ⊛ Non-soap and non-irritant
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve good micro flora balance
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve the pH to the ideal range

    Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid for the youthfulness of the V-area.
    Suitable for use as and when necessary, especially after passing urine and during menstruation.
    Clinically Tested Benefits.
    Pack of 10 Sheets
    Made in Taiwan
    In accordance with International GMP Standard


    Natural Lightening Gel with YoghurtExtract++™ Probiotic Benefit

    ⊛ Non-irritant
    ⊛ Helps improve the V-Area to a fairer tone
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve good micro-flora balance
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve the pH to the ideal range

    Enriched with:
    Hyaluronic Acid for the youthfulness of the V-Area.
    Scientifically Proven Natural Extracts for the fairer tone – mulberry root, saxifrage, grape & scutellaria root.
    Suitable for use as and when necessary.
    Clinically Tested Benefits.
    Netto: 30ml
    Made in Taiwan
    In accordance with International GMP Standard


    Refreshing Spray with YoghurtExtract++™ Probiotic Benefit

    ⊛ Non-irritant
    ⊛ Helps improve the V-Area to a healthier scent
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve good micro-flora balance & prevent growth of odour-causing bacteria
    ⊛ Helps maintain/improve the pH to the ideal range

    Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid for the youthfulness of the V-Area.
    Clinically Tested Benefits.
    Netto: 30ml
    Made in Taiwan
    In accordance with International GMP Standard




About Us

Galenium has decades of manufacturing expertise in producing dermatological products well researched and recommended by dermatologists. We are proud to share that we have established a strong foothold in the South East Asia market where our products are sold in more than 15,000 retail outlets. With proven benefits and efficacy of the range of products under our care, we have earned the trust from our loyal customers. We have also started marketing our products to Europe and USA, and reaching out to more Asian and Middle-East countries, a sign that our products quality speaks for us.



You can message us through below contact form or simply connect with us through Facebook.com/vminasg.
We shall attend to your enquiries as soon as possible.

(Should you have doubts or concerns specific to your particular health conditions, please consult your health professionals)

  • Send us a message:


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